return + sorting solutions

Get items back on the shelf faster than ever before with our flex AMH™ system.

flex AMH™ by bibliotheca
benefits of flex AMH
  • modular and flexible design

    modular and flexible design

    our module based system is designed to fit any library space or need. From simple configurations to multi-floor installations, we are dedicated to helping you utilize your space and maximize efficiency.

  • immediate check-in

    items are immediately checked in, removing them from the users account with security immediately re-applied.

  • convenient user experience

    flex AMH™ empowers users and provides a familiar and engaging self-service experience for users.

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flexible return & sorting system

flex AMH™ 

works with your preferred technology


flex bulkSeparator

return multiple items at once

“transportation systems

flex transportationSystems

move items across multiple floors

“flex autoBin

flex Bin

sort into large, spacious bins

“flex autoBin

flex autoBin

always keep items at the top of the bin

“stacking cart

flex stackingCart

sort into neatly organized carts

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Our familiar, yet unique user experience engages your community and drives library awareness

return + collection

Combine self-service check-in and library automation sorting solutions

security + detection

Protect what matters most with enhanced security

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